Judge works for diversity in Aussie agencies

With Mobius Awards nearing its deadline, the time seemed ripe for more about judges lorraine-jokovic-for-emailsuch as Lorraine Jokovic, CEO of LOUD Communications Group in Sydney, Australia. Jokovic is one of the most senior women in Australian advertising and an active supporter of diversity and inclusion for her industry. She serves as a director of The Communications Council, one of the initiators of the recent Gender Diversity Working Group and is the national industry spokesperson for gender diversity.

Currently, the Council is running a research project to better understand attitudes toward gender diversity and how or if that translates to agency policies. The study also wants to identify barriers to advancement by women and their tenure in the business.

Jokovic has run LOUD for a decade. Read an interview with her at http://www.bandt.com.au/media/women-media-louds-lorraine-jokovic

For information on the Communications Council project, visit https://www.communicationscouncil.org.au/public/content/viewCategory.aspx?id=952.

About mobiusawards

Mobius Awards, established in 1971, is one of the world’s oldest independent international advertising competitions. Each year, the competition recognizes outstanding work in Brochure/Book, Cinema-In-flight, Direct, Mixed Media Campaign, New Media, Online, Outdoor, Package Design, Photography, Point-of-Purchase, Print, Radio, Television, and Student.
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