Street Performers in Madrid; Spanish wines

Here I am on the road again (make a good title for a song, right?). Stopped in Newark to connect to Madrid flight and then one to Logroño.  While walking around the central part of Madrid today, I saw more street performers than I have encountered anywhere else in the world.  One that caught my eye – and held it for a long time—was acting like a statuette leaning backward at a 45-degree angle for what seemed like forever. Then, very slowly he crossed one leg over the other and continued at the same angle, all the while with only one foot on the ground.  Wish I could do that. I also hope I have time to take in more of this beautiful area before I move to Logroño to visit Sidecar, a winner in Package Design.

Check them out at

Lee Gluckman

Spanish wines

About mobiusawards

Mobius Awards, established in 1971, is one of the world’s oldest independent international advertising competitions. Each year, the competition recognizes outstanding work in Brochure/Book, Cinema-In-flight, Direct, Mixed Media Campaign, New Media, Online, Outdoor, Package Design, Photography, Point-of-Purchase, Print, Radio, Television, and Student.
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