Print-Only Ad a Big Winner

Black and white scenes of a gardener, a greengrocer and a painter transporting items piled crazily high and heavy was a runaway winner for Leo Burnett Frankfurt. Its awards include selection as Best of Show-Print in the 2016 Mobius Awards.

The “Hate Going Twice” campaign done for Fiat Professional, Turin, Italy, promoted the load capacity of Fiat’s Ducato van. The photos also prompted Lee Gluckman of Mobius Awards to ask agency creatives how much trouble was it to set up those scenes.

The unexpected answer?

eo pesent--p1 mob

Hugo Moura, Associate Creative Director and Daniela Ewald, Creative Director

“Actually everything was real,” says Hugo Moura, Associate Creative Director at the agency. The Leo Burnett team spent three days casting and shooting and, yes, each of the three ads in the campaign was created using props and appropriate locations. The “heaviest” of the scenes was the painter with all his supplies on the ladder.

“Hate Going Twice” was a totally print project — no digital, no social media — which also made it unusual. Because it was print only, Creative Director Daniela Ewald noted she was surprised at its awards. However, Daniela also said advertising today “is not about different genres; it’s about telling the truth and being honest.”

The Ducato’s potential clients are craftsmen, such as construction workers and small business owners who have to carry multiple items from one place to another. These people have also learned how to store and stack their items efficiently, and the campaign recognizes that talent.

Chief Creative Officer was Andreas Pauli, and Photographer was Miro Minarovich. Andreas Daum was copywriter. Joerg Hoffman is Creative Director. The work won a First Place Mobius Statuette also.

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Meeting the Hornall Anderson Team


Hornall Anderson’s Alaska Airlines Rebrand Team: (Back row, from left) Damien Bertels, Katie Polenick, Bryan Condra, Laura Masters, Euan Fraser, David Bates, April Melchiode, Carly Schlenker, Rachel Sparrow; (Front row, from left) Jonas Land, Michael Brugman, Saxon Rawlings, Maureen Estep; (Team members absent from photo: Lauren DiRusso, Judy Dixon, Brandon Waterman, Rob Zwiebel, Bobby Biskupiak, and Danielle Marcuson 

While at Hornall Anderson offices in Seattle, Wash., last week, Lee Gluckman spotted some older design Mobius Awards statuettes in the trophy cabinets. They were a reminder of how long Hornall Anderson’s creative work has been entered in the competition and also how often they have taken home trophies.

Speaking to Hornall team

Lee Gluckman, Mobius chairman, speaking to Hornall Anderson creatives

This year, the agency won Best of Show in Branded Identity for “Alaska Airlines Rebrand.” The new branding look for Alaska Airlines involves subtle changes to the livery of  aircraft and print materials. It kept the iconic Eskimo face on the plane’s vertical tail section and increased the use of color. David Bates, whose father was director of advertising and marketing at the airline in the 1970’s, led the effort as Creative Director.

alaska airlines web

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Presenting at Golden Mouse in Beijing

Lee presents gm web

Lee Gluckman, chairman of Mobius Awards (left), with Donald Wei, founder of Sir.Remix Video Content Service

GM-Lee web

Lee Gluckman gave a presentation about Mobius Awards at the 2017 Golden Mouse Awards in Beijing, China, in April. He also helped judge Grand Prix winners at the event.

Golden Mouse is an annual competition that highlights the work of creatives at Advertising and Design agencies throughout China.

Through a partnership with Mobius Awards, Golden Mouse winners are presented on the Mobius Awards website. The 2017 winners will be coming soon.

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‘Koi’ design a winner for sake maker


Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery Co. Ltd. CEO Yosuke Tanaka (from left) with Bullet Inc. Designer Aya Codama  and Imayotsukasa Chairman Masayuki Habuki  

A bit of tasting and a presentation of awards made for a good day when Lee Gluckman of Mobius visited Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery Co. Ltd. in Niigata, Japan, recently. The company’s new “Koi” sake bottle won a 2016 Best of Show in Package Design for Bullet Inc., Tokyo. Bullet, which entered the design in the 2016 Mobius Awards competition, is the company of Aya Codama.

‘Koi,’ the handmade design by Codama, is named after Japan’s most famous ornamental fish, a carp with admirable figure, markings and colors.  Calligrapher was artist Kasetsu; Project Director was Masayuki Habuki and Project Manager was Yosuke Tanaka of Imayotsukasa.Koi design

The first koi was born in 1918 in Niigata, which made it a most fitting design choice for the brewery that has made sake in Niigata since 1767.  To create the design, Codama had the koi’s red patterns printed on a white porcelain bottle that resembles the shape of a koi. The outer box was then cut out in silhouette to emphasize the image. A Japanese brush stroke technique by calligrapher Kasetsu is used on those red patterns.

The sake bottle was crafted by the Yamaharu Glass Co. The stopper seal is a gold foil fish silhouette.


Jarom Reid (Sales and PR), Hiro Sugizaki (Chairman Taiyo Kikaku Co. Ltd., guest), Aya Codama (Bullet Inc. Designer), Lee Gluckman (Mobius Awards Chairman), Yosuke Tanaka (CEO), Shunsuke Kayama (Assistant Manager), Tomoya Okada (Department Manager)


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‘Fake’ videos bring real awards

Adam, from left

(From left) Adam Hughes, Producer; Clinton Madden, Editor;  Lee Gluckman of Mobius; Dave Christison, Managing Director; Paddy Mithen, Producer; Anthony Salpietro, Technical Director;  Ben Blennerhasset, Director; and Matt Weston, Director. (Photo courtesy of The Woolshed Company)

With all the worldwide hoopla about “fake news,” nothing is more fitting than a visit to The Woolshed Company in Melbourne, Australia. This branding and production company was only founded in 2014, but it made a huge splash in the social media world with “The Viral Experiment,” which  won Best of Show Digital-Online in Mobius Awards 2016 competition. The videos in this series were all fake.

Lee Gluckman, chairman of Mobius, was at the agency offices the week of March 27 to deliver awards and chat with the creatives about the two-year social media experiment.

Producer Adam Hughes says the company takes great pride at producing campaigns that get worldwide coverage. The “fake video” campaign series accumulated more than 310 million online views, all done “without any paid media, promotion of distribution.”

One video, Tornado Selfie, was part of a promotion for Roadshow Films’ movie “Into the Storm,” released in 2014. That production won gold for best viral campaign at the 2015 Golden Trailer Awards. “The Viral Experiment” also was nominated for Content Strategy Of The Year at the 2016 BeFest Awards in Australia.

The fake video project was done to learn what makes videos go viral.  The videos included ones about people attacked by sharks and lions and chased by bears while snowboarding, a woman who almost get struck by lightning, and two men “fighting” with selfie sticks. They received 1.6 million likes and 500,000 comments on social media. The audience was split 50-50 on whether the videos were real or fake, but most were presented as entertainment, Hughes said.

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On Site at Turner Duckworth, London



Accepting for BK Halloween: Nicola Eager, Account Director, and Clem Halpin, Creative Director

Turner Duckworth staff did some good-natured posing Thursday (March 2) during Lee Gluckman’s visit to their London quarters for a presentation of awards. The agency received five awards in the 2016 Mobius Awards competition, including a First Place statuette and a nomination for Best of Show-Packaging for its Halloween designs for Burger King, Miami.

Its Halloween Whopper design received a Certificate in packaging as did work for Kettle Foods, Norwich, UK. A design for MillerCoors, Chicago, won a Certificate in Brand Identity.


Monica Annesanti and Matt Lurcock of Coors Light project, here with Lee Gluckman; Annesanti, Lurcock and Halpin were responsible for the Kettle design also.

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JDO accepts high honors for ale designs


Lee Gluckman of Mobius with Ray Smith, JDO Creative Director; Philip Stevenson, Client Business Director; Daniel Bowstead, Designer; James Davies, Production Director (kneeling) Photos: Courtesy of JDO

JDO Brand & Design, Tunbridge Wells, UK, hosted a visit from Lee Gluckman of Mobius


(From left) JDO’s Ben Oates, Executive Creative Director; Daniel Bowstead, Designer; Gabby Lawlor, Account Manager; Ray Smith, Creative Director

Awards. Lee delivered two First Place statuettes for winning designs related to ales.

“JDO Launches Beau Nash for the Dandy Within” won First Place and Best of Show in Package Design. “JDP Launches New Shepherd Neame Corporate Identity” won First Place and was nominated for Best of Show in Brand Identity.

JDO was both entrant and advertiser for “Beau Nash.” The agency’s objective was to create a custom ale brand with a bottle that displayed the design team’s knowledge of the beer sector. It partnered with microbrewery Moodley’s in Kent to produce the ale. JDO redesigned the branding for Shepherd Neame brewery, which was founded in 1698 in Faversham, Kent, and owns beer brands such as Spitfire, Whitstable Bay and Bishop’s Finger.





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